Best Online Psychic Readings: Top 6 Most Accurate Psychic Reading Sites Of 2021

Getting a psychic reading online can confirm something you already know, give you an entirely new perspective that you’ve never considered, or help you make changes if they sense trouble on the horizon.

However, not all online psychic reading sites are created equal. Some psychic sites have AMAZING psychic advisors that are screened for authenticity, while others have virtually no screening process for psychic readers they allow inside their network.

We’ve reviewed the top psychic reading services to see which ones are the most accurate and can be trusted. Here are our top picks for the 5 best psychic reading sites that offer accurate readings, free minutes, and discounted rates.

Best Online Psychic Reading Sites of 2021

  • Psychic Source: Best for Love Readings
  • Keen: Best for Guidance on Big Life Decisions
  • Kasamba: Best for Online Tarot Readings
  • Asknow: Best for Career and Money Questions
  • Oranum: Best for Mediumship
  • California Psychics: Best for Numerology

#1 Psychic Source: Best for Accurate Love Readings

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Psychic Source is one of the best online psychics for accurate love readings and relationship insights. Founded in 1989, Psychic Source is the oldest and most trusted psychic site in existence and has thousands of 5-star reviews from satisfied clients.

Psychic Source has over 250 highly gifted psychic experts, covering a wide range of fields. They have everything from love readings, tarot cards, dream interpretation, astrology, energy healing, and more.

Psychic Source was originally just a psychic hotline that offered phone readings, but as they evolved with the industry, they now offer the option for online chat and live video readings as well.

The psychic readers at Psychic Source cover a wide range of services including clairvoyants,  mediums, tarot cards, and career psychics. When browsing the listings, you can filter your results by these specialties as well as by subject, reading style, and the divination tools they use for readings, such as tarot cards or astrology.

If the selection of over 250 online psychic readers feels overwhelming, Psychic Source has an interactive tool that will recommend the top three experts for you, based on your answers to a few questions. From there, you can read each advisor's profile and either book an appointment or dive right into your first psychic reading online. You can even download the Psychic Source app for iOS or Android devices, so you can get a psychic reading wherever you may be.

If you have doubts about whether online psychic readings are genuine, you can rest assured knowing that Psychic Source has vetted and screened all of its psychics for authenticity. Better yet, Psychic Source offers a guarantee: if you're unhappy with your psychic reading session for any reason, you get your money back.

Psychic Source offers a free psychic reading for the first three minutes, with rates as low as $0.66 per minute if you continue the reading.

We think that people who are looking for the best online psychic reading for their love life and relationship issues should start with Psychic Source.

  • Reputable online psychic service with over 30 years in business
  • Real psychic readings by phone, chat, or video
  • All psychic readers are tested and screened for authenticity
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on all psychic readings
  • Rates as low as $0.66 per minute and three free minutes

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#2 Keen Psychics: Best for Online Chat Readings

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In business for more than 20 years, Keen is the second-most-experienced among the online psychic reading sites we reviewed. While it is a seasoned veteran in the online psychic reading industry, Keen keeps it fresh with an up-to-date website featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, Bustle, and Refinery 29.

Keen Psychics offers a number of services, including online readings via phone or chat--or you can get a reading in your email inbox. Keen Psychics has over 1,700 psychic readers available to choose from, which is more than all other online psychic reading platforms. So whether you’re looking for a numerology reading, pet psychics, angel card readings, or a love reading, you can find it all on Keen.

Like Psychic Source, Keen features an interactive tool to help you find psychic experts with your desired specialization and reading style. You can also browse the listing of psychics and filter search results by price, availability, user rating, and other factors. Click on the listing for one of the advisors to see their detailed bio and read their ratings and reviews.

Once you've decided on a psychic who sounds good for you, just pick up the phone to call, click to chat or email, or schedule a phone psychic reading for later. You can also communicate via the Keen app, available for iOS or Android.

Like many of the top online psychics, Keen offers the first three minutes free. Currently, Keen offers a special deal for first-time users, giving you 10 minutes for $1.99, which is a great way to try one or more psychic advisors for a minimal investment. Keen is the best online psychic reading site to try if you're looking for guidance on big life decisions with a reading online.

  • Trustworthy online psychic reading business since 1999
  • Reliable psychic readings via phone call, chat, or live video
  • Over 1,700 online psychics to choose from
  • Every advisor rated and reviewed by the community for everyone to see
  • A psychic app that makes on-the-go readings easy
  • Every online psychic reading session is 100% private and confidential
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • 10 minute psychic readings for just $1.99 (cheapest deal in the industry)

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#3 Kasamba: Best for Free Psychic Minutes

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Kasamba is one of the highest rated psychic websites for tarot readings and astrology. Founded in 1999, Kasamba has served more than three million clients to date.

While the available services do not include phone or video readings, you can get a psychic reading via chat or email. Kasamba offers all kinds of psychic reading sessions, including tarot card readings, astrology readings, dream analysis, and energy healing.

Each live psychic reader at Kasamba has a profile where you can learn about their specialties, their years of experience, and the types of readings they do. It's beneficial to read reviews written by previous clients, as you can learn a lot from what other people say about them. And if you can't decide which psychic to try, you can check out the Top Psychics section to see a selection of the highest-rated psychic experts on Kasamba.

New clients at Kasamba get a free psychic reading for three minutes, followed by 70% off the normal price. The best part is that the three free minutes apply to each new psychic reader you try, not just the first one. It's a great way to find the best medium for you since you can "test drive" new psychic experts for free.

If you are looking for the best tarot readings, Kasamba is the site to start with. You can choose from 180 different tarot card readers, so you're sure to find one you connect with.

  • Established company that has been giving online psychic readings since 1999
  • Accurate psychic readers with many years of experience
  • Psychic readings via online chat or email
  • Profile page for each psychic reader where you can learn about their ability
  • Reviews from previous clients
  • Free psychic reading online for the first 3 minutes of EVERY session
  • 70% discount for new members

Click Here to Get 3 Free Minutes + 70% off With Kasamba

#4 AskNow: Best for Phone Readings

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Asknow is the best psychic reading site for phone readings on topics such as love, career, relationships, and money. AskNow has been providing psychic readings online since 2005 and offers phone and chat readings in English and Spanish. All the AskNow network readers have particular specializations, offering services such as horoscope readings, numerology readings, tarot card reading, or dream analysis. When viewing the list of the best online psychics, you can filter by type of session (phone call or online chat), price per minute, and category.

One of the features we like about AskNow is the extensive profile information for each of the psychic readers. You can learn their years of experience, the type of psychic readings they perform, and other info about their abilities and reading style. This makes it more likely you can book a psychic reading with the right psychic for your needs.

AskNow has a great offer for first-time clients: up to 30 minutes for just $1 per minute, plus five free minutes with one of its master psychics. The minutes are good for a year, so you don't have to use them all at once. And if you feel like your first psychic medium isn't a good match, you can get up to five minutes credited to your account so you can try again. People who prefer to get answers via phone call should try one of the psychics at AskNow.

  • Rigorous screening process for all phone psychics
  • Accurate psychic readings by phone or chat
  • Online psychics that are screened for authenticity
  • Specializations in love, relationships, career, and money
  • Mobile app to access Asknow psychic services anywhere, anytime

Click Here to Get 15 Minutes for Just $10 With Asknow

#5 Oranum: Best for Live Video Readings

img src="" alt="oranum"">oranum

Oranum offers a different psychic reading online experience than all the other sites we reviewed. Its online psychic reading platform is focused on video chat, and all psychic readings take place on live webcam video. Each psychic reader hosts a live public session every week, allowing users to see the readers in action.

When browsing the list of available online psychics, Oranum users can filter by dozens of search terms. Services include tarot readings, love readings, dream analysis, astrology readings, and even sound healing. Not only is the range of available psychic practices truly impressive, but Oranum also offers psychic mediums who speak a number of different languages in addition to English.

Oranum doesn't offer the typical first three minutes free. Instead, you can chat with the psychic you choose before spending any money. This is a great way to ensure you have a good connection with them before starting any online psychic readings. New users also get $9.99 in credit when signing up.

Of all the psychic reading websites we reviewed, Oranum is the obvious choice for anyone who prefers psychic readings via video. If you like to get answers from a psychic you can see while talking to them, give Oranum a try.

  • Psychic readings via live webcam
  • Variety of different specialties to choose from
  • Free psychic chat rooms to ask questions before hiring
  • $9.99 in free credits after registration

Click Here to Visit the Official Oranum Website for More Info

#6 California Psychics: Best for Numerology

California Psychics is one of the most popular online psychic reading platforms in existence. They’ve been in business since 1999, offering some of the best online psychic readings by phone and chat.

On the California Psychics website, you’ll find a variety of tarot readings and psychic mediums with years of experience in their field. Here are the different types of psychic reading services that California Psychics offers:

  • Numerology readings
  • Astrology readings
  • Love psychics
  • Online tarot card readings
  • Horoscopes
  • Dream interpretation
  • Lost objects
  • Past lives

You can find out which specialties each psychic practices by viewing their profile page, where you’ll also see their qualifications, rate, and reviews. California Psychics also has a helpful filtering tool that allows you to narrow down your search by topic specialty, psychic tools, type of ability, and personality style.

Many of the best psychic readers at California Psychics have thousands of positive reviews, a powerful testament to their psychic abilities. If you don’t like how your session goes, however, California Psychics vows to refund your money.

Similar to other online psychic reading platforms, California Psychics has special deals and discounts available for new customers. Depending on which package you choose, the rates will vary between $1-4 per minute. After the introductory package, you’ll be required to pay the psychic’s standard rate, which varies between $3-8 per minute.

If you’re looking for a good psychic reading online by a reputable company, it’s hard to go wrong with California Psychics.

  • One of the most popular psychic platforms since 1999
  • Variety of filtering tools to help you find the best psychics
  • Great source to get a tarot reading
  • Free psychic readings are not available with this network
  • Introductory rates for new clients start at $1 per minute

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Online Psychics

As when choosing any service or product, people should consider a number of factors when deciding on a psychic website. We've provided some guidelines below.

Free Minutes

If you're looking for a free psychic reading online, you're in luck. Several of the best online psychic reading services offer new customers free psychic readings for the first three minutes, with discounted rates thereafter. When the free trial expires, you can continue the reading if you want more information or end the session without spending a penny.

Contact Methods

Most of our favorite psychic websites offer several ways for people to get psychic readings online. Usually, you can connect with the best psychics via phone, chat, and video. People have been communicating with psychics over the phone since before the internet enabled other methods. If you prefer to take your time thinking over your questions or analyzing the psychic's answers before asking follow-up questions, then an email reading in your inbox might be perfect for you.


Nowadays, chat is a popular way to communicate, but some would argue that the best psychic readings are available via video. A video chat is the closest thing to a face-to-face session that is possible over the internet and can foster a greater connection between you and your psychic readers.

The best psychics can give you accurate readings whether they can see you or not, but the visual cues supplied by your facial expressions, body language, and even your surroundings can help them provide you with more detail and context during your reading.

Type of Specialties Offered

Most psychic websites offer a number of services. Some psychic mediums stick to the basics like tarot reading, horoscope readings, love readings, and career advice. Others offer a wide range of lesser-known specialties, including feng shui, Vedic astrology, and Tik Pan San Sou.

We've found Oranum to offer the greatest range of psychic specialties. The types of readings available at any given time can depend on which psychic readers are online at the moment, but you can always make an appointment if the specialist of your choice isn't available.

Years of Experience

Three of our picks for the best psychic readings online have been in business for over 20 years, and even the newer psychic reading websites have been around for 10 years or more. As a product reviewer, we expect that this amount of time has allowed them to figure out what works for people who are looking for psychic services.

You will find online psychic advisors with vast experience on each platform, with some who have been practicing as long as 45 years. Of course, you can also find talented and trustworthy psychics with less experience, and their insights can be just as valuable as those longtime mediums.

Customer Reviews

Just as reading the opinions of a product reviewer can help you decide whether to buy, the client reviews of online psychics can provide immensely valuable information about the type of experience to expect from a particular advisor. The psychic's bio and profile information are useful to see how they present themselves, but customer reviews allow you to see them through the eyes of others. There's no better way to get a sense of what your reading will really be like.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The bottom line is that most psychic reading sites we reviewed offer some form of satisfaction guarantee. These range from a website credit for up to five minutes to a full refund of the cost of your session. Other sites don't offer a guarantee but allow you to chat with potential advisors before spending any money. Be sure to check the guarantee policy for whichever site you choose to work with.

Advantages of Getting an Online Psychic Reading

Just like so many other parts of our lives, the internet has made getting a love tarot reading, energy healing, or other forms of reading more convenient than ever before. While it can be fun to visit a local psychic to get a tarot card reading, it's hard to beat connecting with the psychic reader of your choice from the comfort of your own home.

Convenience isn't the only factor, though. The internet has put the world at our fingertips, and now you are no longer limited to psychics near you. Thousands of psychic advisors are available to connect with even the most esoteric specialties. You can shop around at your convenience and find the best psychic reading service for your needs and budget.

Some people might feel uncomfortable or inhibited being face-to-face with a psychic reader, which can affect the quality of a psychic reading. They may find it easier to be open and honest when separated by a telephone or a computer screen. If this sounds like you, then you may be able to express yourself more freely when the relationship with your psychic is online.

Another reason to go online for tarot card readings, mediums, or love psychics is the satisfaction guarantee available from many psychic websites. If you go to an in-person psychic reading, no refunds exist. But with a medium reading, if you're not satisfied, you often can get your money back--or at least a credit toward another reading.

How to Get the Most out of Your Psychic Reading Experience

As with many things in life, it pays to be prepared for a session with a psychic medium. Being ready with your questions will not only help you use your time with them wisely, but it serves to focus your energy.

Try not to get too attached to a specific agenda, though — it's best to let the fortune teller be in control of the conversation's pace and flow. They have their way of working, and respecting that will get you the best reading possible.

Whenever possible, avoid asking simple yes/no questions. To prevent conversational dead ends, try to ask open-ended questions that give the psychic room to elaborate and provide their insights.

Phone Readings vs. Chat Readings – Which Is Better?

So you've decided on a tarot card reader that seems like a good fit, and you're ready to connect. You may be trying to choose between phone and chat, the two most common ways to communicate with an online psychic reader.

People have been using the telephone for accurate psychic readings for decades. It's ubiquitous, convenient, and well-suited for a variety of readings and tools. If you don't want a face-to-face conversation, but the idea of trying to type quickly in a chat session sounds stressful, then talking to phone psychics is a great middle ground. It can even feel like conversing with a friend.

On the other hand, online chat does have its advantages. Remembering everything said in a phone reading can be difficult, especially if it's a long session. With chat psychics, you have a transcript of the entire session that you can refer to at your leisure.

Another benefit of chat is that it's essentially silent. If you can't do a phone session because of privacy concerns or a loud environment, then an online chat reading can be the perfect solution.

Things to Avoid When Getting a Psychic Reading Online

It's important to keep in mind that a psychic reading, whether it's a tarot reading or a session with a psychic medium, is essentially a conversation. When preparing your questions, try to avoid "yes or no" questions, as these can steer the conversation to a dead end.

It's also a good idea to avoid trying to control your psychic reading too tightly. Doing so can interfere with the psychic's process, resulting in a less satisfactory experience for both of you. Let your psychic reader control the conversation flow, and you will be rewarded with more beneficial insights.

Do Psychic Sites Offer Free Readings?

Many psychic websites offer free trial readings where the first three minutes are free, while the rest of the call is paid, often at a discounted per-minute rate. Others include free minutes as part of an introductory package or allow you to chat with a psychic advisor before committing to a paid psychic reading. Here is our guide to cheap psychic readings for more information.

It is possible to get a 100% free reading without entering any payment information. But keep in mind that such a psychic reading probably will be software-generated rather than tailored to your specific situation.

You can also find free mobile apps that provide automated answers to your questions. You won't be connecting with an actual medium, but these free readings can be fun, and you might actually get some useful advice!

The Bottom Line 

Regardless of the questions you have in your life, a psychic reading can be a great way to start getting some answers. Working with tarot readers or clairvoyants can provide valuable insights into your life issues and can even be fun. The internet has made getting free psychic advice easier and more convenient than ever before.

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